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Tibetan Thangkas

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TIBETAN Thangkas

These Thangka were smuggled out of Tibet in the 1950's during the Chinese takeover. They made their way   in the hands of missionaries who were attempting to save what they could of Tibet's cultural heritage which was rapidly destroyed by the Chinese Red Army. Although dating of Tibetan water colors is difficult at best, they are believed to be 19th century. All the Thangkas are measured including the silk border. They are all in complete and excellent condition. These Thangkas are stunning when framed under glass! Please add 15.00 to cover the shipping charges.


# 6273

6273 thangka.jpg (148119 bytes)


Size: 29.5" X 44.5"


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# 6283

6283 Thanka.jpg (78124 bytes)


Size:  1'5" X 2'8"


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# 6292

6292 Thanka.jpg (102048 bytes)


Size: 3'0" X 3'7"


Silk is faded

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