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#7481 Tekke

This circa 1800 Tekke measures 6’2” X 9’6” (189 x 290 cm). This rug has quite a few very interesting elements beginning with the elams which are very asymmetric. Look at them closely, you’ll see what I mean. The border is also very asymmetric. From a first glance it seems out of whack unlike most Tekkes which have more symmetry. The field is very interesting also. The grid work, although common in Tekkes, is dyed a very dark navy which is almost black so it stands out. The minor guls are also outlined in this dark navy giving the guls a very 3 dimensional look. There is a profuse amount of green used in the rug which is very nice and all over the rug are tiny little images of combs and birds. There is a minor border that has a reciprocal at the outside of the rug. I have never seen this border before so I don’t know the name for it although it does look similar to rams horn. The rug is very finely woven from extremely soft wool. The rug is basically full pile. It is nearly possible to roll this rug up to handkerchief size. This beautiful rug needs to be seen to be appreciated. It is uniquely one of a kind. The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $300.00.

Contact: Robert Mosby 941-925-1025