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#7178 Melas

  This mid-19th century Melas measures 3’10” X 5’4” (121  x 164 cm). This motif is known as the box design for obvious reasons.  Two squares are filled with the star motif. one in aubergine , and one tomato red.  The top square has a blue border with the rams horn motif at the East and West.  North and South is a tree motif in red.  The bottom square has the same motif in the field and the border in different colors and sizes.  Both squares are encompassed with a latch hook design.  The first minor border is a very pale green with a meandering S design.  Some might say a stylized bird motif.  The major border is a motif known by two different names; some say goose feet and some call them roses.  Whatever name you choose they are all in aubergine.  The device separating the roses is often referred to as the carnation design.  I personally don’t see it.  All is on a yellow gold ground.  The final minor border has flower heads on an ivory ground in multiple colors.  This rug has excellent pile.  The ends and sides are complete.  It is clean and ready to go.  The buyer pays shipping with insurance of $45.00.

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