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#7174 Pao Tao Chinese Rug

This second half 19th century Pao Tao measures 4’4” X 6’0”. It has a mocha field and major border which is very rare for this type of rug.  The field has a full on red headed crane with his wings spread out behind him. This depiction of a crane leans to 17th-century.  The field is the so-called coin design.  The corners are Chinese fretwork with a large chrysanthemum.  The minor borders are pearl motif on a navy ground; meandering S’s in ivory on a navy ground; and the minor border is an extension of the field motif on the same color ground.  The blue outer border is missing across the top and bottom.  There is a $.50 size hole in the top of the field by the pearl border, as visible in the picture.   This is a very, very interesting rug.  The last one I had that looked like this had a yellow field, was a 6 x 9, and sold for over $30,000.  The buyer pays the shipping with insurance of $75.00.

Contact: Robert Mosby 941-925-1025