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#6856 18th century Ghordez

This 18th century Ghordez rug measures 3’6” X 5’8”. It is a spectacular example of 18th century Turkish weaving.  It has a nicely variegated prayer design with a field color running from terra-cotta to rusty red. The prayer is supported by two columns in very pale café au lait with flowers at the top and bottom and eight pointed stars running up the façade.  There is a very beautifully drawn lantern in ivory and two shades of blue at the peak of the mehrab.  The spandrels are a variegated blue running from sky-blue to medium blue with a suspended leaf motif in rust, green and ivory.  The upper crossbar is in a medium green.  The lower crossbar is in a medium to dark blue in the same motif.  The major border has flowers and foliage in green, rust and blue on an ivory ground.   There are eight minor borders, three of which are reciprocal.  The rug is missing the outer guard border at both ends.  The sides are essentially complete, missing perhaps 5 inches of the outer wrapping with no loss to the body of the rug.  The wool is of very high quality and quite soft.  The excellent pile is about as good as it gets for this age rug. If you are looking for a first-class example of an 18th-century Ghordez, this is it! 

Contact: Robert Mosby 941-925-1025