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#6845 Yomud Ensi


This early 19th century Yomud Ensi measures 4’8” X 5’2”. This is an excellent Ensi. The crossbar in the field is very low adding to the overall asymmetry of the piece. The top prayer niche is a bovrek motif as is the first of two elems.  The bovrek (Or possibly Eagle Group 2 or possibly tree motif . I have seen these three terms used for this element) devices contain a blue wavy line which is very rare if not unique.  The second element is very dark brown in the tree motif. All the colors are very dark and somber. Another interesting characteristic is the outer border treatment.  It changes entirely just above the upper element.  But the rarest item, in my opinion, is the field.  It is, I think, a unique and unpublished design.  I cannot find it anywhere in any of my books. I cannot even find a name for it. The edges are nicely finished with red and blue checkered pattern with some loss as photographed.  The selvage at the lower end is 95% complete with an interesting double brown line.  This is also rare. There is wear  in the upper right quadrant as photographed.  The remainder of the rug has very good pile.  The buyer pays the shipping of 50.00 .I believe this piece is a unique and important rug.




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