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Antique Rug Galleries

We have about 500 handmade rugs organized by country in the galleries below.

The rugs may be seen on approval! We ship worldwide!

Caucasian Rugs
Persian Rugs
Chinese Rugs

Tibetan Rugs

Mongolian Rugs

Ningxia Rugs

E Turkestan Rugs
Kilim Rugs
Turkomen Rugs
India Rugs
American Rugs
Turkish Rugs

Baluch Rugs

European Rugs

Tibetan Thangkas

Uzbek Suzannis

Please Click on the rug icons to enter the Galleries!





Contact: Robert Mosby 941-925-1025

Our Sarasota, Florida Gallery Open by Appointment

Open daily for phone inquiries 10am - 10pm



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